Want to sleep above the radiator? Scared of big bully cat? Improvise.


7x05 // 10x01

Dean after Cas died and Cas after Dean died. I’m just gonna leave this here.

I’m so fucking pissed, I have just broke it off with my boyfriend and he thinks I dumped him because I’m a feminist and I hate men. No i dumped you because you treated me like crap don’t use a social issue to replace your own fucking actions douche bag



"I can’t lose him.
I love him” 



but seriously is anyone over merlin yet


sensicalabsurdities: Hey! I'm one of your followers, and I'm currently catching up on Supernatural so could you please tag your spn? Thanks!

yeah of course, sorry!


Slash Summer Challenge 2014 17\20

full size here


Accompanying piece to demon!Dean making an entrance.

Still playing around with SFX animation, this time with light and glowy effects! Normally, I dig the black wings, but white kinda works better for this one.


"Derek is enough."

"Am I dreaming?"

"Just drunk."

"Mh, nice drunk.”

Sterek AU: Stiles thinks he might have fallen asleep or had a bit too much to drink (it’s totally Scott’s fault because he didn’t come to watch over him) and now there is a naked Derek in front of him. But Derek was just on a run in his wolf form until the scent of StilesStilesStiles hit him.