Bradley James & Katie McGrath do the ALS ice bucket challenge [x][x]


Magnificent Trees Around the World



Sherlock : John, look at me. *nudge*
John : Sherlock…What are you doing?
Sherlock : Marry me. *whisper*
John : What?

Sherlock : You heard me perfectly.
John : ….YES.

*breathes into bag*


SPN through text posts

Guys I found my new favorite meme.


- o n e  da y  there  w il  bee a c e  for  y o u r  ba tt e r ed  s o u l

'Focused' destiel photoset. 

The whole world is distorted and blurred, but you are vivid and real before my eyes.


i’m honestly so glad to see misha at sdcc being appreciated and loved because of who he is and the amazing things he does, and not just because of spn


Reminder that Misha Collins is currently sitting on a ‘Fan Favourites’ panel at Comic Con with the likes of John Noble, Jordan Gavaris, and Gwendoline Christie.

"C’mon Cas, come and find me! Thought an angel was supposed to keep better track of his demon. "